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HoodCast AF Action Figure Podcast


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A great effin’ show!

Hoodcast is my favorite podcast. It’s the most entertaining figure podcast out there. Fun bits, characters, and fig news. The hosts are freaking awesome. All freaking 3 of them! What are you waiting for?! Download it and give it a try!

Bless their hearts.

They do good for some washed up juggalos who failed at SoundCloud rapping and back yard wrasslin. Goes to show you if you try real hard and fake it enough anyone can be successful podcasters. Decent upcoming figure release segment. Cobra if you need help blink twice while looking up and to the right.

Seems good

It’s not Bag Fries good but good

Absolutely! Absolutely!

PC! What PC? Put on your clown shoes. Lather yourself up with mayonnaise and slide down the bud hole. Because hilarious antics ensues with Fallen & VTown on this crazy train podcast. These guy aren’t only NECA lovers but also enjoy the hot toys. With hit and miss skits that are all funny even when they are dead on arrival , to the news, pop culture reviews, Recent Acquisitions and even shoutouts With Coming Up With the Gang. Become a disciple of the church of HoodCastAF.