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HoodCast AF Action Figure Podcast


October 11, 2020

Super Clean Show

NO SWEARING ALOWED! If the crew swear they have to take a shot of hard alcohol. Because that should help... Discussion of all things action figures. NECA, Marvel Legends, G.I.JOE, TMNT, DC, ETC. Figure Photography! #HoodCastAF   Contact us HoodCast@Hotma...

October 03, 2020


It's Halloween season! Mikey V Town and Jonathan Fallen discuss their favorite horror figures. Neca, G.I.JOE, Transformers, McFarlane #HoodCasTAF contact us HoodCast@Hotmail.com   @HoodCastAF  -facebook/twitter/instagram

September 26, 2020

Easy access Steph

The crew discusses Pulse Con and its many reveals. Special interview with (the Furdawg) Edward Furlong. WTF figure review Party Stephanie McMahon from Jakks Heat series 11. Tag your figure photography #HoodCastAF and we will give you a shout out on the s...

September 19, 2020

Aunt Gary Busey

The Crew discusses recent Mandalorian news. WTF figure review and interview with Aunt May herself!   contact us HoodCast@hotmail.com @HoodCastAF  twitter/instagram/facebook @JonathanFallen @Mikey_Vtown_707

September 13, 2020

Red Dawn

Red Dawn over Cali as fires continue to burn. That doesn't stop Mikey and Jonathan from discussing all things action figures. WTF figure review. Smell that plastic. Recent acquisitions. Contact us HoodCast@Hotmail.com @HoodCastAF - twitter/Instagram/face...

September 06, 2020

The Church of Action Figure Collection

Jonathan and Mikey discuss Neca pre sales. GI Joe, Marvel Legends and many other lines. WTF figure review and interview with Street walker April O'Neil.  #HoodCastAF contact us HoodCast@Hotmail.com @HoodCastAF - Twitter/Instagram/facebook @JonathanFallen...

August 30, 2020

F%*k o PoPs

The crew discusses the recent action figure boom, their somewhat hatred for Funko Pops and more. Contact us: HoodCast@hotmail.com   @HoodCastAF Twitter/Instagram/facebook @JonathanFallen Twitter @mikey_vtown  Instagram

August 22, 2020

Confirmed Trash

The crew discusses toy hunts while California burns. Amazing figure finds! #HoodCastAF Neca, Marvel Legends, GI Joe, MOTU, etc. Send all Questions to: HoodCast@Hotmail.com   Follow us at: @HoodCastAF - Twitter/Instagram/facebook @Jonathanfallen - Twitter...

August 15, 2020


Mikey unboxes the Shredder LootCrate. Powercon, NECA, Karate Kid Icon Heroes and many more!   Contact us HoodCast@hotmail.com HoodCast AF  - facebook @HoodCastAF - Twiiter/Instagram @JonathanFallen - Twitter @Mikey_vtown - Instagram

August 08, 2020

Clown Shoe Figure Photography

The boys discuss unsuccessful toy hunts, figure photography, and a decent into other figure toy lines. Tag all your questions and photography: #HoodCastAF email us at HoodCast@hotmail.com   contact us on facebook/Twitter/Instagram for figure photogra...

August 01, 2020


Jonathan Fallen is slipping down into a Masters of the Universe hole while Mikey Vtown is having successful toy hunts. All figures. All talk. NECA, MOTU, Marvel Legends, Black Series, figure photography and more.   Please subscribe and review! Ta...

July 25, 2020

A whale's vagina Comicon

Jonathan Fallen & Mikey V Town discuss the new figure releases of SDCC2020. Hood style discussions on all things figure collecting. Figure Photography, pre orders and more. Please rate and review.   Tag all your questions and photography: #...